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BBK Foundation and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia are launching the second edition of the Bizkaia BBK Grants with the aim of giving a new boost to the nation’s talent and so contribute in a decisive manner to the continued training of professionals in key sectors for the Basque economy: big data, energy, aeronautics, finance hub and the car industry. One of the objectives of BBK is to foster and develop culture, spread awareness and training opportunities amongst people regardless of their field of work by means of boosting and starting up initiatives that help to generate economic activity and create quality employment. In turn, the BIZKAIA PROVINCIAL COUNCIL has a strategic commitment to youth, which covers first class training, high quality employment, and support to the driving sectors of the Basque economy. Furthermore, the project is being developed with the collaboration of BIZKAIA TALENT, an association promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and which directs its efforts at fostering conditions and processes for building up loyalty, attracting and retaining highly qualified people, and nurturing innovation and awareness within the companies, organizations and other entities of Bizkaia

BBK and Bizkaia Provincial Council open the application period for the 2018 Bizkaia BBK grants.


The purpose of the BIZKAIA-BBK Grant Programme is to train young graduates from Bizkaia at world reference centres to contribute decisively, effectively and efficiently to building a Bizkaia that is better prepared to face the future with guarantees, preferably influencing the sectors identified as being priority (Big Data, Energy, Aeronautics, Financial Hub, Automation and Silver Economy).



  • Receipt of and applications and documentation: December 2018 to 20th March 2019
  • Final Resolution: April – May 2019
  • Signing of the agreement by the beneficiaries: May- June 2019

Bizkaia Talent can extend the deadlines of each of the phases depending on the needs of the programme.


Individuals who fulfil the following requirements may access the BIZKAIA-BBK Grant Programme:

  1. To have been born in Bizkaia or legally resident in Bizkaia for more than 12 months.
  2. To have a university degree obtained prior to the end of the selection process for each call.
  3. To be under the age of 30 or 35 (depending of the selected post-graduate training) on 1st January of the year of the call for applications.


Phase 1: Specialised training at international reference centres.

The selected candidates will participate in the course to obtain the Post-Graduate Certificate at the reference centres assigned to each strategic pillar. The course will be designed to increase knowledge of the specific areas that respond to the challenges identified by the leading companies in the sector involved. The post-graduate training must be carried out full time by the candidate in the classroom.

Phase 2: Employment in companies in Bizkaia

Once the prior training phase has been completed and the corresponding qualification has been obtained, the candidate will join a benchmark company in Bizkaia in the priority area in which he/she has carried out the training.

The employment contract must have a fixed duration of no less than 2 years, with the same employment conditions as those offered to a post-graduate by the company and the work will be full time


Once the application period has finalised, the candidate selection process will begin, in which the assessment of merit and ability will be the guiding principles.

The merit of the candidates will be assessed based on all of the aforementioned documents.

The universities participating in the programme will select the applications that fulfil the requirements set out in the call.

The final stage in the selection process is the assessment of the candidates’ ability, which will be via a personal interview of those applicants selected by the corresponding Universities. The interview will be carried out directly with the companies offering a position for the qualifications proposed in the call.


The Selection Committee will be made up of the following people:

  1. Member of the corresponding Division of the DFB-BFA of the BBK or the person delegated for this purpose.
  2. Representatives of the company that is going to take on the candidate in the return phase, with a position of responsibility in the company collaborating in the programme


The economic value of the grant, will be granted taking into account the economic endowment (€ 420,000) and the living conditions in each of the destinations and the total cost of the training chosen by the beneficiaries of the call accepted by the Universities and the Organization.

Phase 2 will be paid by the collaborating company, whereby the amount and method of payment will have been previously agreed (prior to commencing the programme). Hiring of the candidate by the company is dependent on passing and obtaining the post-graduate training qualification.

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