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The Ignacio Manuel de Altuna Foundation for advanced studies, jointly with Bizkaia Talent and Arteche Group, supports the Talent Pro Bizkaia programme, whose 2nd edition is being held this year.

The initiative is intended to reward talented people whose innovative ideas, stemming from what they learn and experience in foreign universities, can be applied in Bizkaia. The programme is oriented towards finding and contributing proposals and initiatives for encouraging development in our Historical Territory.

Talent Pro Bizkaia 2012-2013 is targeted at university students from Bizkaia who are studying abroad this academic year on international exchange programmes such as Erasmus.


  • All university students enrolled in university in Bizkaia who are studying abroad on an official international exchange programme are eligible to participate in the Talent Pro Bizkaia programme 2012-2013.
  • Students are asked to take inspiration from their stay abroad to contribute valuable experiences, ideas or projects that can offer solutions to the strategic challenges Bizkaia is to face in the medium or long term.

Participation rules

  • Participating in Talent Pro Bizkaia means sharing ideas, information and experience gained on an official exchange programme (Erasmus or the like) as a source of inspiration for responses to the strategic needs and challenges of our Historical Territory and its institutions.
  • Students who are interested in participating in Talent Pro Bizkaia must register at, entering personal information and an email address.
  • Applicants must take a survey on ‘Improving Bizkaia Hobetzeko’ following the link, where they will be asked to enter the username and password they got in an email.
  • After answering the questions, they will get authorisation to enter In the ‘Ekarpen berria/New contributions’ section, participants can share their views, which will be automatically included in ‘Ekarpenak/Contributions’, a full text database accessible to all participating students, as well as to the members of Bizkaia Talent, Arteche Group and the Altuna Foundation Board.

Useful dates:

Deadline for submitting works (survey and contributions): 30 June 2013

Individual interviews by the admission committee: 1 to 30 July 2013

Award giving: 13 September 2013

Assessment criteria and awards

  • A committee appointed by the Altuna Foundation Board, Bizkaia Talent and Arteche Group will assess the contributions made by the students and grant awards to the best of them, considering the following:
    • Originality: Subjects and proposals must be innovative.
    • Project sophistication and feasibility.
    • Quality of the contributions made, and clarity and thoroughness of the information given.
  • Project specificity to respond to Bizkaia’s needs and challenges.
  • The committee can hold interviews with applicants, asking them to elaborate on their contributions.

The cash awards amount to €12,000, courtesy of the sponsorship from Arteche Group. They will be granted to the six best contributions according to the committee (€2,000 each). However, the committee will have the right to divide one or more cash prizes into two if two applicants get the same number of points. Likewise, the committee may decide not to award one or more of the prizes if they consider the works do not meet their quality standards.

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