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Be Basque Ambassadors

Be Basque Ambassadors is a programme whose aim is to promote loyalty in postgraduate students from abroad by helping them with their social integration and in joining the labour market in our country, in order to foster the creation of an ecosystem which promotes, attracts and creates loyalty with respect to highly qualified professionals in our region.

An additional objective of the programme is that should the foreign students choose to develop their professional careers in another part of the world, they can act as Basque ambassadors, maintaining their contact and feeling of belonging with our nation forever, which links up perfectly with the principles of Bizkaia Talent’s “Be Basque” strategy.

Target group: foreign students doing PhD’s or other postgraduate studies in Bizkaia.
Duration of the programme: 9 months
Activities: participative conferences, training workshops, meetings with Bizkaia companies, sociocultural events.
Participants: UPV/EHU, University of Deusto, University of Mondragon, DigiPen Institute of Technology, IED Kunsthal Bilbao.

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