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Here at Bizkaia Talent we are delighted to present our Career Development Centre: a professional space which is based on the processing of millions of data from the Basque Talent Observatory, amongst other digital platforms, including your professional profile on our platform, and that is why it is vitally important that your profile has been fully completed to enable us to help you. We analyse the labour market situation with respect to highly qualified professionals for university graduates in the Basque Country, and we can tell you:

  • The current situation of your sector in the labour market.
  • Existing trends in the market, with emphasis on the skills, competences and occupations which are in greatest demand.
  • Employment offers from the Bizkaia Talent company environment which best suit your profile.
  • The salary brackets currently existing in the labour market.
  • And much more, such as the possibility of discovering which specific skills you should acquire or improve in order to increase your chances of getting the job that you want.
  • Perspectives for profile requirements in the forthcoming years according to subject of university degree and sector.
  • Comparison of different quality of life indicators in the Basque Country with those of other regions around the world.

At Bizkaia Talent we do not want to offer a conventional employment website; we want to go beyond that. To achieve this we have developed algorithms which are capable of interpreting the situation in your sector and for you in particular in just a question of seconds, and offering you useful information which will enable you to simply focus on achieving your goals.

Furthermore, we want the advice that you receive to be based according to world standards. For this reason, all the information that we offer you for your professional development is based on Baque Talent Observatory information and is structured according to the ESCO classification (this classifies skills, qualifications and occupations in the EU training and labour market within the framework of the Europa 2020 strategy).

Imagine the thousands of data which our algorithms process, organized into graphs, interactive knowledge blocks and nuggets of information which are useful for your career plans. Needless to say, all of of this is organized in a highly visual and intuitive manner so you have all the relevent data at your fingertips to enable you to make the optimum decisions about your future.

We could tell you more about our Career Development Centre, but the best thing is for you to enter the site and discover the latest experience in professional development advising. All of this is designed to help you to achieve the best empoyment on offer within your possibilities at any given moment in time – in the Basque Country, of course!

We are wating for you!

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