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Contrasted Figures of the Basque Country

Have you decided yet where you want to live and develop your professional career?

At Bizkaia Talent we help you to take that decision by showing you a series of indicators which you will definitely find interesting.

To do this we have incorporated the Figures section within our extranet.

In this section we show you a series of indicators which compare the situation in the Basque Country with those of other countries and regions around the world.

A sample; these are some of the indicators that you can see in this section: (the values of the indicators in question will be shown)

Basque Country

Public Health System

Osasun-sistema (OCDEko)




Segurtasuna (OCDEko)



Graduates in Science, Technolgy and Mathematics

Graduates in Science, Technolgy and Mathematics (STEM)



Disposable income per capita

Disponible income percapita (OCDE edo EB)



Life satisfaction

Life Satisfaction (OCDE)


Life Satisfaction (OCDE)



Enviroment (OCDE)



Productivity per employee

Productivity per employee (EB)


Productivity per employee (EB)


These and other indicators are available in the Figures section, where with a click and a glance you will be able to check the assessments which the OCDE and other official organs have made about various different socio-economic and life quality aspects, and you will be able to compare the values given to the Basque Country with those of other countries and regions.

At Bizkaia Talent we make a great effort to offer the most individualised information possible, because we know that every person is unique. This is why the information that will be shown automatically will be adjusted to the place where you are now living, although the information about other countries and regions will always be available to you.

Don’t hesitate, come in and check out what we’ve got for you!

Visit the Figures section

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