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Bizkaia Talent presents the “Basque Talent Observatory”, the world’s first public access platform for monitoring the regional labour market for the highly qualified


  • This is an initiative carried out by Bizkaia Talent in collaboration with TabulaeX, a spin-off of the University of Milan-Biccoca, created in order to manage knowledge transfer. It is based on a tool that analyses the Basque labour market with a focus on highly qualified professionals by means of Big Data analysis using numerous online sources.

The Economic and Territorial Minister of Bizkaia has presented the “Basque Talent Observatory”, the world’s first public access platform for monitoring the regional labour market for the highly qualified, the aim of which is to contribute towards the competitiveness of our region and which will make it possible to collect information in real time about the labour market in the geographical area of Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Araba using both international and local online sources such as universities or Lanbide (government employment agency).

The tool is based on Big Data analysis to create a knowledge base about the labour market, employment dynamics at any given moment or its trends over time, together with the technical and skills requirements in the Basque Country with respect to highly qualified profiles. It will enable any highly qualified professional to monitor, using online data that is updated on a daily basis, the types of profiles required by the Basque labour market, with respect to numerous different types of criteria and combinations of the same, such as: technical and transversal skills required, sector, experience, geographical area and contract type.

The presentation was attended by the founder of TabulaeX and expert teacher of Big Data analysis Mario Mezzanzanica, and the Managing Director of Bizkaia Talent Ivan Jimenez. The regional minister pointed out that “over the last twelve months 17,469 vacancies have been analysed. The most in-demand profiles are: industrial and production engineers, computer developers and commercial profiles. The transversal skills in greatest demand are ability to adapt to change, language skills and digital skills”.

Beneficial for universities, companies and public institutions

“Having such detailed knowledge of our labour market could be decisive in terms of improving the competitiveness of the Basque economy. It provides us with X-ray certainty about the professional profile required by our economy and labour market. This is vitally important information which will also provide added value to universities, companies and public institutions”, Mr. Pradales emphasises. The fact is that professionals will benefit from having access to real updated information about both the technical and transversal skills needs of the Basque labour market, in a way that will enable them to adapt their training by reinforcing the skills that are in most demand. Universities will also benefit from a tool that will help them to focus on studies from the perspective of trends in the labour market, as they discover which type of knowledge they should be providing to their students so that the qualifications of new graduates match the requirements of the labour market. As far as companies are concerned, these will have easier access to the talent which they require, ensuring a closer connection between supply and demand. Finally, the tool will be useful for public institutions when it comes to designing their training and employment policies with a view to achieving the highest possible levels of talent employment in the Basque Country and adapting with flexibility and ease to the training requirements focused on company demand.

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