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A new Be Basque Talent Meeting in Dublin brings together around 30 highly qualified professionals

  • The event was attended by the GAIA cluster, the human resources consultancy We Bring Strategy Consultants and the start-up organisation Dative.

On the 23rd March Bizkaia Talent once again organized a new edition of the Be Basque Talent Meeting in Dublin, several years after the last event was held in the capital of Ireland. The event, which was sponsored by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government’s business development agency SPRI Group, served as a forum to connect with highly qualified people who are currently developing their professional careers in strategic sectors for the Basque Country.

The event kicked of with a presentation by Mr Ivan Jimenez, the Managing Director of Bizkaia Talent, who explained that the Basque association provides assistance in the social and working integration of professionals and their partners, as well as support in the handling of bureaucratic issues related with social security, amongst others.

For his part Mr Ander Markina, in charge of the customer relationship service of Bizkaia Talent, provided the participants with a general overview of the Basque industrial sector, development opportunities on offer in the sector and the attractiveness of current existing projects. GAIA, the Association of Applied Knowledge and Technology Industries in the Basque Country, also intervened at this stage of the event.

The event also featured the testimony of a returning professional, who related his experiences from the time that he decided to return to the Basque Country from Ireland, as well as the participation of the human resources consultancy We Bring Strategy Consultants and the start-up organisation Dative, which provided a more in-depth analysis of the work opportunities currently offered by Basque companies.

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