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Bizkaia Talent carries out the final Be Basque Talent Meeting of the year in Munich

  • The event brought together over 60 professionals who are developing their professional careers in the Bavarian capital and its surroundings.

After six years without carrying out any events in Munich, on the 12th December Bizkaia Talent returned to Bavaria with a new edition of the Be Basque Talent Meeting (BBTM). With this event Bizkaia Talent brings to a close the chapter of international networking events for the year 2023, having visited nine cities in all over the course of the year: Boston, Dublin, Milan, Copenhagen, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, London and Munich. It is worth pointing out that these meetings fall within the framework of the Basque Talent initiative of the SPRI Group of the Basque Government.

The conference gathered together 62 highly qualified people who had the opportunity to find out about the services offered by Bizkaia Talent for the development of professional careers, the current state of the labour market in the Basque Country, the salaries currently on offer, the most cutting-edge projects currently underway, and the enticement of tax incentives, amongst other things.

On this occasion, the BBTM featured the participation of representatives of the recruitment consultancy Iddtek as well as the companies Liftra and Orona, together with a Catalan professional who related her experience from the moment that she decided to continue with her career in the Basque Country after 10 years in Germany.

Mr Ivan Jimenez, the Managing Director of Bizkaia Talent, said that he considered the year to have been “very positive”, since “after the pandemic 2023 has been the first year in which we have been able to carry out so many presential events abroad”. Mr Jimenez underlined that “it is very important that professionals feel close to us and know how important they are to us”.

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