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Bizkaia Talent connects the talent of highly-qualified Basque professionals residing in the area of Dublin

  • During a Be Basque Talent Meeting held on Friday, 9 June, at 6.30 p.m. at the Wood Quay Venue (Civic Offices)

The association to attract, retain and link talent to Bizkaia – Basque Country, promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, keeps forging closer ties with the talent of Basque professionals, irrespective of their current place of residence.

Thus, Bizkaia Talent organized a new Be Basque Talent Meeting which was attended by around thirty highly-qualified Basque professionals who are currently developing their professional career in the metropolitan area of Dublin.

They are all working for companies and organizations such as IBM, Brite:Bill, Dublin City Council International Relations Department, Ericsson, Qualtrics, Xilinx, SAP, Saresoft aplicaciones on line S.L., BMS Performance, Accenture, Microsoft, Infosys BPO, Google, Bank of Ireland, Haizebolada, Twittero SAP, among others.

During this meeting, the managing director of Bizkaia Talent, Ivan Jimenez, informed the professionals about the employment opportunities and the professional profiles most in demand for the next few years in the Basque Country, according to the data and the information provided by the various Basque cluster associations.

“It is important that the Basques who are currently residing in European capitals such as Dublin learn firsthand about the economic and employment situation of the Basque Country, as well as the employment offers which are now being made to cover highly-qualified job vacancies”, the Managing Director explained.


“These meetings foster and promote networking among the Basque professionals who are developing their professional career abroad for them to maintain a proactive and constant link with the Basque Country which reinforces the Be Basque Talent Network”, Ivan Jimenez added.

It is the largest network of professionals who want to have a link with the Basque Country and it is made up of nearly 8,500 professionals from more than 90 countries as well as more than 300 Basque organizations and companies.

We recruit, engage and retain talent in the area of Bilbao-Bizkaia, Basque Country.

Be part of the largest highly professional Network connected to Bilbao - Bay of Biscay and the entire Basque Country

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