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Participation of bizkaia:talent in the International Staff Training Week 2015 of the Public University of Navarre – UPNA

Last Tuesday, 2nd June, bizkaia:talent took part as an expert in Relocation & Sociocultural Integration of the Research Personnel in the International Staff Training Week 2015 , organized by  the Public University of Navarre– UPNA.

Human Resources staff from European universities (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Poland and Turkey) attended a Study visit to the Public University of Navarre from 1st to 5th June. This initiative is within the Erasmus STT programme to know the Human Resources department of the UPNA, to be trained about international mobility or university legislation, and to share tasks with work colleagues and learn new methodologies, tools or ways of organising.

Carmen Méndez de Castro, bizkaia:talent relocation Service Head, started the workshop putting special emphasis on the necessity of providing a proper ecosystem for the talent, and explained how bizkaia:talent,  through its different services, tries to resolve this necessity.

Once all the services were introduced, Méndez de Castro, focused her speech on the main topic of the workshop: Relocation Service. The participants showed their interest in the making process, the barriers found by both entities and researchers, professors, the sociocultural integration and spouse support, and finally asked about the new steps to be followed in a future time.

To conclude, a round table discussion was carried out where participants could share experiences, and highlighted the essential topics in a welcome plan.

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