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Personal experience

Miguel Ángel Benítez

Basque Centre For Applied Mathematics (BCAM)

What decided you to come to Bizkaia?
‘I began studying Project Management at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). I had been there for two years when they offered me a job in Bizkaia and I moved without thinking it twice, because I have great trust in the Basque R&D+i system.’

How did Bizkaia Talent help you?
‘They helped me a lot. In Spain we normally do not know about taxes in the Basque Country or other local issues. I must say that Bizkaia Talent provided me assistance that was really useful.’

Relocation service
‘I would rate the relocation service offered by Bizkaia Talent 8/10 for its being an excellent initiative. As in everything else, innovation has to be implemented at all levels. Nothing is perfect so I believe an 8 is a very good mark, as we mathematicians say. An 8 is just great.’

What do you think of Bizkaia and the Basque Country as a place for doing science?
‘It is a pretty good environment as compared to Spain and the Spanish scientific system. Naturally, more innovation tools are necessary and they should keep betting on Basque R&D+i.’

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