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Personal experience

Ximena Carrión


Professional background
‘I got my university degree in Ecuador, where I studied Agricultural and Livestock Industries. Then I worked for five years and decided to go to the Netherlands to study for two years and obtain a master’s degree in Food Quality Management. I moved to Spain with a research grant for the University of Burgos and, finally, I came to Bizkaia.’

What decided you to come to Bizkaia?
‘On completing my master’s programme in the Netherlands, I went to the University of Burgos to work as a researcher. I started with a project for a company based in the Basque Country and, well, I made contacts and finally they offered me a job that was quite appealing to me, to develop my career and for personal satisfaction.’

Relocation service
‘My company got help from Bizkaia Talent, who gave explanations on how to deal with the hiring procedures. Also, they gave information about other organisations in the Basque Country and in Spain. And I got all the information I requested from Bizkaia Talent; they have always helped me with what I needed as a foreign national, both professionally and personally.’

Professional career in our area
‘I believe the area around the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park fosters research activities because it stands in a natural setting and also because a good number of companies are headquartered in the same place. I think it is easier to do research in the area. In general, I consider that the Basque Country and Spain are giving research a major boost.’

Country of origin: Ecuador

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