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Alejandro Moreno


Collaboration with Bizkaia Talent
‘Bizkaia Talent collaborated with us in talent recruitment for a research project in the field of fluid dynamics. As we are small company, one of our difficulties in recruiting professionals is that we do not have a network of contacts to select highly qualified people and we do not know how to reach these people so that they learn about our projects. Bizkaia Talent’s collaboration led us into a top-class scientific world, which in a way enabled us to recruit the talented people we were looking for to launch our project.

’We attended the European Career Fair @ MIT, organised by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was a very interesting experience that gave us the chance to talk with professors at the university, who explained in detail how they teach at the MIT. The first thing we learned is that Bizkaia Talent can get people interested in learning about Bizkaia and the Basque Country. We made contacts with highly qualified people, and identified three or four of them who could head our research programme at the Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics (BCAM), BCAM-Baltogar.

’In the past years, we realised that we needed to manufacture products with extra features, because as a result of globalisation, standard or labour-intensive products are manufactured abroad. So we began developing new products with special geometry, which requires the use of applied mathematics for the creation of model optimising software oriented towards improving performance. BCAM wants other firms to participate in our advanced research so that we can produce special fluid dynamics software to use in the development of our value-added products.’

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