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Bizkaia Talent participates in the biennial EURAXESS conference in Katowice

  • The Basque association provided a workshop on research talent circulation in conjunction with other international experts.

From the 10th to the 12th June the Polish city of Katowice hosted the EURAXESS Biennial Conference 2024, the most important event of EURAXESS, the European mobility network of the European Commission. The event brought together international representatives to strengthen the network’s cohesion, give visibility to its achievements and discuss how to improve the attractiveness of the research profession and careers.

Ms Carmen Méndez de Castro, who is responsible for the Bizkaia Talent Relocation service, attended the event in representation of the Basque association and participated, together with other acclaimed experts in the field (Slovak Academic Information Agency, German Scholars Organization e.V. and German Aerospace Center), in a workshop about the circulation of research talent and its challenges.

In the course of the workshop best practices related to targeting, attracting and recruitment of talents to countries belonging to the European Research Area (ERA) was identified. Furthermore, the participants exchanged their knowledge and experience about strategies to achieve a balanced talent circulation, and about support services for the reintegration of research workers returning to their countries of origin, amongst other questions.

EURAXESS is a European network made up of over 300 active services centres in 40 different countries, which offers free support to research workers and their families in matters such as visas, the recognition of academic qualifications, social security and any other legal and cultural aspects.

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