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Bizkaia Talent is honoured with a special mention in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2019 in Davos for its continued innovation model

  • Bilbao is in 44th position in the world ranking of cities with the highest talent index

In tandem with the annual assembly of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the prestigious international business school Insead, Grupo Adecco and Tata Communications have presented the sixth study of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), which measures the capacity of cities and countries to promote entrepreneurial talent.

The Be Basque strategy developed by Bizkaia Talent has been recognised for the second year running with a special mention to all the participating city delegations as one of the models to follow among the world leaders in this area for its trajectory over the last years and its continuing commitment to innovation. Bilbao occupies 44th position of the 114 cities studied.

The GTCI report acclaims Bilbao as the principal Basque city (regional data) with a high level of competitiveness and outstanding access to information and communication technologies, high environmental and life quality and personal safety. It also highlights the commitment made to foster an active population with tertiary education qualifications, an area in which Bilbao is amongst the world leaders. In terms of areas to improve, the report points out the relatively limited presence of large multinational companies and internationally well-placed universities, as well as required improvements to be made with respect to investment in scientific research and technological development, in spite of the improvements which have taken place in both of these areas in recent years.

Bilbao, Spanish State leader in talent attraction potentiality
At the state level, only three large urban areas (Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza) appear in the world classification apart from Bilbao, which is placed above all of them in the entrepreneurial talent attraction ranking: Bilbao (31), Madrid (39), Zaragoza (36) and Barcelona (51).


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