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The Basque Country is the second autonomous community in the Spanish State with the greatest capacity to create, attract and retain talent

  • The Cotec Foundation’s Talent Map 2023 study, based on the same methodology which the Global Talent Competitiveness Index of the prestigious business school Insead uses for countries, confirms this position.

According to the Talent Map 2023, a study carried out by the Cotec Foundation in collaboration with the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (Ivie), the Basque Country is the second autonomous community with the greatest capacity to create, attract and retain talent in Spain, in a ranking which is headed by the Community of Madrid.

The index does not only compare the capacities of the communities, but it also shows, as a point of reference, the position of Germany with respect to Spain. It is comprised of 55 indicators organised into 6 categories (Enable, Attract, Grow, Retain, Vocational and Technical Skills, Global Knowledge), maintaining the same structure as the CTCI.

The report gives the Basque Country 66.4 points (49.1 is the national average), second only to Madrid (67.7), while Germany for example has 67.3 points. Furthermore, the Basque Country is placed in the top three positions in four of the six categories of the index: Grow, Enable, Global Knowledge, Attract).

The Basque Country is the leader of the Grow section, which examines the educational boost provided by the Public Administrations as well as the results which are achieved. This indicator includes expenditure on education, the PISA results, the performance of university systems, training throughout the working life or the rate of the risk of poverty.

Other areas in which the Basque Country is also outstanding are the categories Enable and Global Knowledge, in which the Basque Country is in second place. The former analyses both the market environment as well as those of business and labour, while the latter examines the presence of professionals capable of producing in the Knowledge Economy. With respect to this last category, it should be emphasised that the Basque Country is the region which has the highest rate of working population with higher education, which is reflected in a greater proportion of researchers, professionals and STEM graduates. In the Attract category, which measures how open the market is, the Basque Country is in third place.


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