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Bizkaia Talent organizes a visit to the Txakoli Museum for a group of international professionals

  • A group of twenty postgraduates and highly qualified professionals and their families enjoyed this visit to Bakio, a location of reference for the production of this wine which is so characteristic of the Basque Country.

On the 8th October Bizkaia Talent carried out a new sociocultural activity attended by users of the Relocation & Be Basque Dual Career Centre service and postgraduates of the Be Basque Ambassadors programme, with the aim of fostering interpersonal and professional relationships, and thus promoting improved social integration.

On this occasion the event took place in Bakio, cradle of Bizkaia’s txakoli wine production, where the participants visited the Txakoli Museum to gain first-hand knowledge of how one of the most emblematic wines of our land is cultivated and produced.

The participants discovered all of the secrets of txakoli by means of audiovisual presentations, interactive resources and the explanations of the guide, and they learned about the history of the wine and the evolution which has transformed txakoli and its wineries in recent times. They also found out that while white txakoli is the best known and most widely produced wine there are also wineries which produce red and rose txakoli wines. After listening to the explanations, the participants enjoyed a wine-tasting session and a meal in a local restaurant.

Postgraduates and highly qualified professionals from the following different countries took part in the activity: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, India, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Peru, Romania, Sudan and the Spanish State. All of these persons are currently carrying out their studies and professional work activities in the following organizations: Arteche, AZTI, Tecnalia Foundation, BC3 Basque Centre For Climate Change, BCAM – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, UPV/EHU University, Deusto University and Basque Trade & Investment.

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