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Bizkaia Talent has organized a networking meeting with highly-qualified Basque professionals residing in the area of Amsterdam

Bizkaia talent organized a meeting with highly-qualified Basque professionals residing in the area of Amsterdam on 9 May. The meeting was held at “Spaces”, in Amsterdam, where Ivan Jimenez, the managing director of bizkaia:talent, described the current situation and the future prospects of employment in the Basque Country for highly-qualified professionals.

Bizkaia:talent, aware of the importance of generating and developing work and collaboration networks at the international level, held a meeting with Basque men and women residing in the area of Amsterdam. This is the third meeting which has taken place this year and the aim was to learn about the concerns and the situation of the Basque people residing in the area of Amsterdam. The event was attended by 29 talents who work in various sectors and hold various degrees, mainly related to ICTs and engineering.

Likewise, he exchanged ideas about the development of the Be Basque Talent Network and about the possibilities of collaboration between professionals who are currently living in the area of Amsterdam and other professionals and analyzed the possibilities of their returning to the Basque Country. These meetings aim to foster and promote the networks between the Basque men and women who are carrying out their professional activities abroad and thus maintain a proactive and constant link with the Basque Country.

The Be Basque Talent Network is a professional network which brings together all the highly qualified professionals who are or want to be connected with the Basque Country. At present, it is made up of more than 7,000 professionals who work in more than eighty countries in the world and more than 150 Basque organizations.

The Be Basque Talent Network intends to become the largest network of highly-qualified professionals who are or want to be linked to the Basque Country, irrespective of their origin. Through this network, the aim is to encourage the movement of talent and establish contacts and business relationships between those professionals and Basque organizations that share the link with the Basque Country.

In order to reach this aim, a number of small presentations of the network are being held for Basque professionals who are living in different parts of the world. Throughout 2016 we intend to hold this type of event in some of the most important talent attraction hubs in the world, such as Boston, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg and London.


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