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The Basque Country, regional leader with the highest salaries for IT professionals

  • Basque companies offer an average salary of 43,000 euros per year.
  • Cloud Architect is the profile which is most in demand and the best paid.

An average salary of 43,000 euros per year and the region of the Spanish State with the highest salaries. That is the average profile of the IT professional in the Basque Country, as can be seen from the Experis (ManpowerGroup) Tech Cities 2021 study which was made in collaboration with the technological employer DigitalES with the support of the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.

The profile which is most in demand by Basque companies is Cloud Architect, a professional profile with the best salary in the entire State in the Basque Country with an average of 50,000 euros, 7,364 euros above the state average and 18,478 euros above the overall average salary in the Basque Country.

The following profiles which are most in demand are SAP Consultant, Java Developer and Systems Administrator, although they are not the best paid, as can be seen in the following ranking of the best-paid profiles:

  1. Cloud Architect: 50,000 € (State average: 42,636 €)
  2. Data Architect: 48,000 € (State average: 41,455 €)
  3. APP Mobile Developer: 46,000 € (State average: 39,636 €)
  4. SAP Consultant: 45,000€ (State average: 44,364 €)
  5. Full Stack Developer: 44,000 € (State average: 36,364 €)
  6. Data Analyst: 43,000 € (State average: 39,545 €)
  7. Ethical Hacker: 43,000 € (State average: 36,455 €)
  8. Cybersecurity Analyst SOC: 43,000 € (State average: 36,909 €)
  9. Systems Administrator: 39,000 € (State average: 34,273 €)
  10. Big Data Developer: 38,000 € (State average: 31,545 €)
  11. Java Developer: 34,000 € (State average: 31,091 €)

With respect to the future, the report predicts that Cloud Specialist will be a profile which will become a trend at both the Basque Country and the State level.

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