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Bizkaia Talent reinforces its commitment with the environment by planting trees in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve


  • The Basque association carried out planting of native trees event to compensate for its carbon footprint, with the additional aim of strengthening the link between professionals and international students and the Basque Country.

In the same way as every year, on the 27th January Bizkaia Talent spent the day planting native trees (birch, oak, chestnut, hawthorn, hazel etc) in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage Site since 1984. This activity, which was carried out in collaboration with the Lurgaia Foundation, not only aims to combat environmental impact, but also to promote the preservation of biodiversity and the management of the region’s natural patrimony.

The tree-planting event, which took place in the Undabaso Forest in Muxika, was organised as a way to compensate for the CO2 generated by Bizkaia Talent in 2022 and 2023. Employees of the Basque association took part in the event, together with international professionals from the Relocation & Be Basque Dual Career Centre service and postgraduates from the Be Basque Ambassadors programme. It is worth pointing out that one of the aims of this activity is to strengthen the links between these people who hail from different parts of the world and our nation.

Before getting down to work, the volunteers from the Lurgaia Foundation shared details about the origin and aim of the project, as well as stressing the importance of empowering communities to actively manage their natural environment and safeguard our planet.

After the tree-planting session the participants enjoyed a lunch made up of natural, ecological and locally sourced products, thus reinforcing the commitment towards sustainable practices in all facets of the event.

Lurgaia Foundation
The Lurgaia Foundation is a private non-profit company whose aim is to foster the preservation of biodiversity and the management of our natural patrimony: species, habitats, associated ecological processes and the landscape. The foundation is currently managing over 240 hectares in Urdaibai, which they are turning into forestland for the future.


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