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The Basque company NEM Solutions awarded as the most innovative in Europe 2017, according to the Global Brands Magazine Awards

Once again the Global Brands Magazine Awards have chosen the most important world leaders in 2017. As usual, the technology award category has been one of the most competitive in recognizing the constant innovative development of companies which are a global reference in the technology sector.

Within this field, Alberto Conde Mellado, a Basque professional residing in Beasain, in view of his career and his contribution with the NEM Solutions project, has been selected among a really attractive list of people and projects in Europe. All of them have proved to be exceptional in their sector through the technological evolution and the innovation in their companies at all levels, as they are influential in their sectors at present and in the years to come.

The jury is made up of a prestigious research team selected each year to choose the most innovative people in the world and reward the companies which have succeeded under their leadership, thus defining the most influential people in each category.

NEM Solutions has been selected as the most innovative company in Europe 2017 in the Technology Awards category for its unique commitment to an innovative culture designed by its CEO, Alberto Conde, in 2007 and in continuous development since then.

The jury has determined that the NEM Solutions products are unique and take innovation to the business model itself in comparison to similar companies, thus paving the way in the digital sphere of the industry.

Innovation, quality, unique and memorable projects, proven reliability with the clients consulted and a strong commitment to the values of the company are the aspects which have been highlighted by the jury, together with inspiration and care for the needs of the staff since the beginning of the NEM project.


Situated in Miramon Technology Park, the organization was established in 2007 with the aim of increasing the control of businesses based on the operation and maintenance of complex assets.

Thanks to the future projection of these assets from the information produced through BIGDATA techniques, AURA, NEM’s patented technology, is able to ensure a safe transition towards industrial digitalization by anticipating the needs of the assets with unique, revolutionary and memorable tools and services.

CAF & GAMESA are currently shareholders of NEM Solutions, both with 50%, thus showing the solid trust placed by the transport and energy industry in the company based in San Sebastian, with headquarters in Philadelphia, USA and Coventry, UK.


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