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The university talent of Bizkaia links up with cutting-edge companies in the province

  • 150 third and fourth-year students from the Talentia Skills programme visited the installations of eight of the province’s companies.

With the end of the academic year just around the corner, the activities planned within the framework of Talentia Skills programme are coming to an end. This is an excellence programme designed to boost the transversal skills of the most outstanding university students in Bizkaia. Over the last months a wide variety of activities have been carried out such as training workshops and coaching and mentoring sessions, with the aim of fostering the emerging talent which will be so vital in the forthcoming years.

One of the activities which has been carried out over recent weeks is Talentia Meet, whose main purpose is to foster active interaction between university talent and the province’s companies. On this occasion 150 third and fourth-year students visited nine companies from a wide range of sectors and of different sizes, reflecting the diversity and wealth of the business world in Bizkaia: Fineco, Lifra, Maier, Ormazabal, Satlantis, SOC-e, Tellmewow and Zunibal.

These kinds of encounters have served as an enriching meeting point for youngsters who are at the gates of the labour market and the human resources representatives of the companies. On the one hand, the encounters have enabled the students to gain first-hand knowledge of current company projects, working methods, professional perspectives and workplace wellbeing policies, while the companies have been able to identify potential candidates for future contracts as well as gaining a better understanding of the expectations of the youngsters with respect to their first employment.

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