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The sixth edition of the “Talentia Skills” programme of skills for professionalism is underway

  • Two hundred young talents from Bizkaia will participate in the initiative which is geared towards professional accompaniment in talent development within the province and the Basque Country as a whole

Bizkaia Talent has presented the sixth edition of the skills for professionalism programme Talentia Skills, in which 200 university students will develop the transversal skills which are the most in demand in today’s labour market. In the programme, greater emphasis will be placed on values, attitudes and other skills than on technical knowledge itself.

The talented youngsters will develop their skills over the next four years by participating in a number of different workshops covering topics such as emotional intelligence, social action, personal branding and effective communication, amongst others. They will also have the opportunity to attend company meetings and will benefit from coaching and mentoring sessions.

One of the goals of Talentia Skills is the development of strategies which will help to strengthen and promote the value of professionalism in the Basque Country, enabling companies to become more productive and innovative, and hence more competitive.

The programme is led by Bizkaia Talent in collaboration with Bilbao Metropoli-30, together with UPV/EHU University, Deusto University, Mondragon University and seven professional associations: Economists, Chemists and Chemical Engineers of the Basque Country, Civil Engineers of the Basque Country, Lawyers, Industrial Engineers, Geologists and Psychologists of the Basque Country.


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