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The international community discovers one of the jewels of Basque gastronomy: “pintxos”

  • Bizkaia Talent has brought together over twenty highly qualified international professionals and postgraduates for them to get to know the origin of the reference appetizer of the Basque Country.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Basque Country boasts a highly rich and varied gastronomy, on the 17th November Bizkaia Talent offered up a new sociocultural activity, on this occasion to discover the roots and the history of “pintxos” (exquisite and highly elaborated snacks) and to learn how to make them.

The event took place in Bilbao Hostel, where users of the Relocation & Be Basque Dual Career Centre service and postgraduates from the Be Basque Ambassadors programme learned about the main differences between “pintxos” and “tapas”, and then got down to creating some of the most emblematic Basque pintxos: “gildas” (olive, tuna, anchovy, chili pepper and sometimes cured cheese), “txistorra” (a type of sausage), “pintxo de bonito” (tuna from the north coast) and “pintxo de txaka” (crab sticks).

This type of event helps to build up personal and working relationships between those who have spent a longer time living on our land and those who have arrived recently. The aim of such events is to facilitate the social integration of people coming to the Basque Country whether this be to start a professional career or carry on with their education.

12 different nationalities
The people who took part in the activity come from Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Honduras, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and the Spanish State. All of them are currently carrying out their professional activities in the following organizations: Bolloré Logistics, Coach & Grow, Deusto University, BCAM – Research Centre for Applied Mathematics, Lookiero, Instituto Biofisika, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Walter Pack Group and Ikerbasque.

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