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Bizkaia Talent brings together 40 professionals at the Amsterdam Be Basque Talent Meeting

  • The association, promoted by the Bizkaia Regional Government, has held the conference to attract talent to Basque companies

On November 17, Bizkaia Talent held a new Be Basque Talent Meeting in Amsterdam to find and recruit highly-qualified professionals developing their careers in the Dutch capital and its surrounding area. The event brought together 40 people who were able to get first-hand knowledge of the current Basque labour market situation and the opportunities it offers.

During the first part of the conference, Bizkaia Talent’s Managing Director Ivan Jimenez gave an overview of the employment situation in the Basque Country, focusing on the digital tools and services offered by the Basque association to facilitate career development in the area and the social and occupational aspects to be contemplated on opting for this change of job destination. He also presented the new fiscal policies recently incorporated to the tax system.

In the second part, Javier Conde, an associate director at Servitalent, spoke about the latest talent hunting trends of Basque companies and what they are doing to find the right talented people at the right time to join their ranks.

To round off the event, Ander Markina, Head of Customer Relationship Service at Bizkaia Talent, gave a presentation on the Basque Country’s most outstanding projects and work opportunities today.

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