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Bizkaia Talent links up with over 70 highly qualified professionals in the United Kingdom

  • The Basque association has carried out two new Be Basque Talent Meeting events, in Edinburgh and London.

In the final week of November Bizkaia Talent headed for the cities of Edinburgh and London in order to hold two new Be Basque Talent Meeting (BBTM) editions. The aim of these events, offered within the framework of the Basque Talent initiative of the Basque Government’s SPRI group, is to provide information about the current projects of Basque companies and the professional opportunities offered by the latter, as well as recruiting professionals who wish to continue developing their professional careers in the Basque Country.

Mr Ivan Jimenez, Managing Director of Bizkaia Talent, opened both of the events by emphasising the commitment of the Basque association to providing support to professionals by means of its services, whether this be helping in career orientation, forging links with companies or supporting people in the arrival process.

Amongst other things, Mr Jimenez presented a comparative analysis of salaries in Edinburgh and London with respect to the Basque Country taking into account the cost of living in each of the different places, and he provided up-to-date information about tax exemptions (a deduction of up to 50% for 11 years for highly qualified workers coming to the Basque Country after residing abroad for at least five years prior to their move).

The two BBTM’s featured spaces devoted to offering a full overview of trends in the Basque labour market, the current situation with respect to opportunities and professional profiles in demand, and an analysis of the evolution of the working culture of Basque companies. The other organizations taking part in the events together with Bizkaia Talent were the Basque Energy Cluster, Iberdrola and IeTeam Consultores.

We should stress the participation in the events of persons who have returned from the United Kingdom and who narrated their professional and personal experiences from the time that they took the decision to come to the moment that they settled in the Basque Country.

The events concluded with a networking session which enabled the participants to establish valuable contacts and connections for their professional development.

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