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 Bizkaia:talent presents the innovative Be Basque Dual Career Centre

Bizkaia:talent, the association to attract, retain and link talent to Bizkaia-Basque Country, promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, presents the innovative Be Basque Dual Centre, an initiative included in the  Location service. This Service offers personalized advice and guidance to highly-qualified staff, their partners and relatives, so as to achieve their adequate professional and personal integration in our country.

Bizkaia:talent is aware of the fact that Geographic Mobility affects and will affect the life plans of highly-qualified international staff. Thus, Basque institutions and organizations have to take into account the factors and consequences of such mobility.

European reports state that Mobility affects the private life plans of research staff/talent. In almost all cases they go abroad because it is important for the development of their careers and not due to there not being any opportunities in their country of origin. In all cases, professional integration is higher than personal integration.

In this regard, numerous European organizations admit that support to the partners of these professionals is becoming increasingly important for their sociocultural and labour integration in the places of destination, as a key element for the development of a life project as a couple and as a family. This situation affects our Country as a tool to promote an economy based on knowledge, innovation and creativity.

Response to a major need

Bizkaia:talent, aware of and acquainted with this situation, has devised and implemented the Be Basque Dual Career Centre to offer an effective and productive response to this need. This service implies a competitive advantage for Basque companies over neighbouring countries, since they have direct and personal access to highly-qualified professionals with an international profile and career.

Thus, organizations can extend their contact and collaboration network among highly-qualified professionals in our country with transparency as a working basis.

Personalized Professional Development Analysis

The function of the Be Basque Dual Career Centre is to offer an adequate and personalized response to the needs of the Location Service Users’ partners in connection with their labour and social integration in terms of employment, entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

Likewise, information will be provided on the financial aid available and on activities and meetings which help them make contacts.

Network of organizations around the Be Basque Dual Career Centre

A network of organizations has been created to operate the Be Basque Dual Career Centre with career guidance, entrepreneurship and volunteerism as its core elements.

At present, this network is supported by ALDALAN, BEAZ, BOLUNTA, CAMPO & OCHANDIANO, CECOBI – Confederación Empresarial de Comercio de Bizkaia – Bizkaiko Merkataritzako Enpresari Konfederazioa, Colegio Oficial de Químicos e Ingenieros Químicos del País Vasco, Burgos y La Rioja, COLEGIO DE INGENIEROS DE CAMINOS, CANALES Y PUERTOS, ICAZA Colaborando (Ner Group, Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia and University of Deusto.

All those who want to request this service must contact bizkaia:talent directly and more specifically the person in charge of the Location service, where this initiative is included. Contact can be made by phone: 94-479 54 28, email: and the website:




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