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Bizkaia Talent launches a call for grants for the recruitment of professionals and research staff in innovative sectors

  • Up to now, around 8 million euros have been invested to attract talent; 163 highly qualified professionals and researchers who have joined more than 60 companies and organizations in Bizkaia

From December 11 to February 15, 2018 opens the deadline to apply for aid for hiring professionals and researchers offered by Bizkaia Talent. The program is aimed at organizations in Bizkaia that develop their activity in innovative sectors, such as biosciences, climate change, biophysics, new materials and their applications, the automotive industry, and social innovation, among others. And the aids, endowed with 235,000 euros, will finance a supplementary remuneration to the usual salary of professionals.
Bizkaia Talent will be responsible for the management of this call, the first in this type of aid, which aims to support recruitment and improve the career of highly qualified people with experience, who develop their project in strategic areas with SMEs based in the territory.

These grants are aimed at SMEs with registered office or that have a work center in Bizkaia and will be divided according to two modalities.

· The first is aimed at supporting the integration in Bizkaia of professionals and researchers with extensive experience. In this modality, up to € 160,000 will be financed in 2 or 3 grants. The aid will be given to highly qualified personnel in the 4th and 5th year of residing in Bizkaia and working in an organization located in Bizkaia.
· The second modality aims to support the integration in Bizkaia of qualified young and emigrated personnel with limited work experience. With the aid established by the call published on December 11, € 75,000 will be financed per beneficiary. The aid will be given to 2 highly qualified young people in the 4th and 5th year of residing in Bizkaia and working in an organization located in Bizkaia.

These aids come to reinforce the commitment of Bizkaia with the attraction, promotion and retention of talent with the territory. Bizkaia Talent has invested almost eight million euros to date in the calls held to assist in the hiring, training and collaboration of highly qualified professionals and researchers.

As a result of this investment effort, from Bizkaia Talent, through its different aid programs, more than 160 high-level professionals and researchers have been incorporated to more than 60 organizations in Bizkaia that develop their activity in strategic or emerging sectors.

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