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Bizkaia:talent enters into an agreement to support the Eiken TALENT project of the Eiken-Basque audiovisual cluster  

Bizkaia:talent has entered into a collaboration agreement with Eiken-Basque, the audiovisual association of the Basque Country. It is a professional non-profit association comprising the main companies in the Basque audiovisual sector.

By entering into this agreement, bizkaia:talent has agreed to collaborate with the cluster to ensure the success of the project Eiken TALENT 2015, an innovative and pioneering action in the Basque Country devised by the companies in Eiken and aimed at putting the non-professional talent of young creators in contact with companies in the Basque Audiovisual Sector. The aim of this collaboration is to bring about new competitive organizational products and models in the Basque audiovisual sector.

Furthermore, bizkaia:talent will make a financial contribution by awarding a grant for one of the finalists to have a work experience placement in an audiovisual company in Bizkaia to be determined by Eiken. The beneficiary of this grant will be a person from Bizkaia.

We recruit, engage and retain talent in the area of Bilbao-Bizkaia, Basque Country.

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