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Personal experience

Iris Bräuninger eta Ulf Dietrich Reips

Universidad de DeustoUniversity of DeustoDeustuko Unibertsitatea

Professional background
Iris: ‘After getting my degree in Dance-Movement Psychotherapy from City University London (UK), I went on to study Social and Behavioural Science (PhD) at the University of Tubingen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).’
Ulf: ‘I am a psychologist and do research into computer science. I got my PhD from the University of Tubingen, and then validated my degree for German-speaking countries. Before coming here, I had worked in the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and in other countries too, the UK or USA, for instance.’

What decided you to come to Bizkaia?
Iris: ‘My husband, Ulf, was hired as a researcher at Ikerbasque. We travelled to see whether we would like Bizkaia and we fell in love with the place, so we decided to move from Switzerland.’
Ulf: ‘What Ikerbasque offered me was really interesting, because here I could carry out long-term research projects without time constraints. The idea seemed interesting to me. I applied for the position and got the job. When I look at the landscape, I really like it. Actually, I find it wonderful. So I did not think it twice. I talked to my family and they were all willing to come, so here we are.

Relocation service
Iris: ‘The relocation service provided by Bizkaia Talent is excellent. We saved time; we got all the information we needed. It was really useful.’

Professional career in our area
Ulf: ‘The Basque Country is an unbeatable region. I like how enthusiastic Basque people are when it comes to developing new careers or offering new opportunities to foreign researchers, and I believe there will be many more opportunities in the future, and that is a good thing.’

Country of origin: Germany

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