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Personal experience

Mikel Llorente

Automotive Intelligence Center (AIC)

Professional background
‘I studied at Tecnun, the Engineering School of the University of Navarra. When I graduated, in 1998, I thought I would develop my professional career in a multinational corporation and work in different areas. That was why I decided to move abroad. I worked in USA for five years and for one in Hungary, where I worked at a multinational company in departments like product development, process improvement, continuous improvement through different methods, etc.’

What decided you to come back?
‘I decided to come back when I felt that, after seven years, my stage abroad was finished. Besides, in Bizkaia I had the chance to continue developing my professional career.’

Aid programme from Bizkaia Talent
‘The programme is remarkably good. Thanks to it, returning to Bizkaia was much easier. I got support in many ways, both professional and personal. It was really helpful when I was looking for a home, because to me it was like getting to know a region I had not lived in for a while, and the region had changed. So the programme was excellent.’

The Basque Country as a place to work in
‘I believe the Basque Country is a very interesting place to work in, considering that I worked in the automotive industry abroad, an industry with an old tradition in the Basque Country. Specifically, this sector represents already 20% of the GDP and has a huge critical mass of companies. This meant that I would be able to continue to build my career here. There are diverse technologies, business sizes, etc. The experience I acquired abroad was important for my position at the Basque automotive industry cluster (ACICAE).
’The Basque Country is a competitive environment that has invested a lot in different areas, including internationalisation, R&D, etc. It is a territory that knew how to transform itself, so now it is a competitive setting for highly qualified businesses that were established in other countries in fields that would have been non-transferable a few years ago. We are bridging the gap and the chances are growing exponentially in our region.
’In the automotive industry, I would highlight our vehicle electrification programme. It is a huge umbrella divided into different lines of action: R&D, training, industrial development and competitive surveillance. The project gathers different areas and actors like vehicle makers, auto part manufacturers and businesses in the electricity distribution network.’

Relocation service
‘I would recommend this service from Bizkaia Talent. Firstly, because the region offers a number of opportunities to highly qualified people and, secondly, because the programme gives not only professional but personal assistance as well.’

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