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Personal experience

Piecheng Zhu

Basque Centre For Applied Mathematics (BCAM)

Professional background
‘I am a graduate in Applied Mathematics. My work consists in using mathematical tools in modelling. We are working, for instance, in steel alloys. Under certain conditions, steel transformation is followed by microstructural changes. So first we construct mathematical models and we also perform mathematical analyses.’

What decided you to come to Bizkaia?
‘I was offered a permanent job as a researcher at the Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics (BCAM), so I moved here. When I arrived in the Basque Country, I soon thought it was beautiful. The people are very kind and the food is delicious. I really like living here.’

Relocation service
‘I came to Bilbao almost two years ago. At first I did not know Bizkaia Talent, so for the first months I stayed in a hotel. But one day a friend at work told me about the relocation service provided by Bizkaia Talent, so I contacted them and got useful information. They helped me find an apartment. Their relocation service is great.’

Professional career in our area
‘I started working here a year and a half ago. The Bizkaia Science and Technology Park is nice, the buildings are so modern, and the offices, so comfortable. Yes, I think it is a good place to develop a professional career. And it is good for foreign nationals like me. I ride my bicycle every day. I have met researchers from India, and they also like the Basque Country a lot.’

Country of origin: China

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