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Bizkaia:talent brings together around one hundred Basque professionals from the East coast of the USA

Several meetings with Basque professionals who work in the metropolitan area of Boston, New York and Washington were organized on the occasion of the participation, once again, of the Association bizkaia:talent in the European Career Fair at the MIT in Boston.

There were also numerous top-level meetings with professionals from institutions as prestigious as the United Nations in New York, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Work Bank in Washington to explore the business and collaboration opportunities which those multilateral organizations may offer to the Basque organizations.

These events were attended by the cluster associations GAIA in the field of telecommunications and electronics and Languna, involved in the language industry. All these meetings facilitated an exchange of proposals and ideas about the opportunities that the different Basque organizations may provide to these multilateral organizations.

The meetings with the nearly one hundred Basque professionals, many of whom work for these multilateral organizations, have also served to promote the newly-created international platform, the largest talent network in the world made up of professionals who have or want to have a link with the Basque Country. This platform has been warmly welcomed by all these professionals, who highlight its practicality and development. Likewise, the activity carried out by the various cluster associations to collaborate and disseminate their activity among other professionals was also presented.

Both the mission in the multilateral organizations as well as the meetings with professionals and the participation in the fair were promoted and organized by bizkaia:talent with the special collaboration of the Delegation of the Basque Government in the United States and the ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) . We warmly thank these organizations for their support and help.

We recruit, engage and retain talent in the area of Bilbao-Bizkaia, Basque Country.

Be part of the largest highly professional Network connected to Bilbao - Bay of Biscay and the entire Basque Country

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