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Bizkaia Talent presents its ‘Talent Strategy’ programme, designed to strengthen the talent strategy of the province’s companies

  • A total of thirty Bizkaia-based companies participated in this first edition of the programme

On the 22nd of January BAT-B Accelerator Tower hosted the ‘Talent Strategy’ presentation event, a training programme to enable Bizkaia companies to design and align their talent strategies in the face of challenges both present and future.

This training-action programme encompasses all aspects from quantitative and qualitative diagnosis through to implementation with an action plan supported by experts in diverse thematic areas and a dedicated technical team. ‘Talent Strategy’ is split into two itineraries: “DESIGN”, directed at companies at the initiation level and whose objective is to design a conscious and coherent strategy for attracting and recruiting talent, and “ALIGN”, directed at advanced level companies which need to review the value proposition in order to continue attracting and building up loyalty with talent. It is worth mentioning that the people who will take part in both itineraries are not only from the area of human resources, but also from business, marketing/communication, since this is a strategy which is to be developed in a joint manner across the companies.

The Minister of Economic Promotion of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Ms Ainara Basurko, initiated the day’s proceedings by stressing the need to address the challenges which companies are facing nowadays with respect to talent and she explained the context in which the programme is framed: the “Commitment to Talent” strategy of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

Following this, Ms Leire Lagunilla, General Coordinator of Bizkaia Talent, emphasised that the programme aims to enhance the individual progress of the organizations taking part in the talent strategy and improve their positioning, as well as constructing a solid community capable of strengthening Bizkaia’s business sector.

Mr Jaime Borrego, Director of Engineering at Sener Mobility, and Ms Begoña Grijalvo, Corporate Selection Manager at Sener, a benchmark company in the province and one of the participants in the programme, laid out the challenges and opportunities faced by companies nowadays and shared Sener’s vision about the importance of designing and aligning a talent strategy at the current moment in time as a way of guaranteeing the sustainability of our business and industrial ecosystem.

In the main presentation, Mr Jordi Alemany, a renowned speaker and writer, shared his vision about the need to make organizations more human to attract, develop and build up loyalty with respect to talent. Mr Alemany stressed the importance of companies being able to offer psychologically safe environments which foster collaboration, and as such, generate that feeling of trust which is so necessary to enable talent to flourish.

Present at the programme presentation event were most of the organizations which took part in the first edition, such as, for example, Alterity, Arteche, CAF, Fineco, Generali Seguros, Gorlan, Grupo Eulen, Inetum, Ingeteam, Leartiker, Liftra, P4Q Electronics, RDT Ingenieros, Roxall, Seidor, Sener, Sidenor, Talio and Zunibal.

‘Commitment to Talent’
Commitment with Talent is an initiative which has been led since 2022 by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia together with a group of thirty public and private companies to reduce the gap which exists between the STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) currently in demand by companies and the supply of suitably qualified persons within the province.


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