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24 researchers, high qualified professionals and their families, from the Chile, Granada (south of Spain), Iran, Ireland, Rumania, Scotland (UK), Switzerland), and even some locals cooked their own Putxera in Balmaseda (a medieval city in the Basque Country).

The origin of this putxera (beans, black pudding, spareribs, bacon and chorizo), or railway stew, dates back to the 19th Century when the northern railway drivers used the steam from the trains to heat their food. It is a tradition that has reached our days.

Our researchers discovered the medieval city of Balmaseda as well as La Encartada Museum (Old Beret Factory), in a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. All of them agreed with continuing organising these leisure activities so useful and necessary for their social & cultural integration in the area.

These professionals are working in Biscayan organisations such as BC3 – Basque centre for Climate Change, BCAM- Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, BioCruces- Health Research Institute, DigiPen Bilbao- Institute of Technology, ESS-Bilbao, Universidad de Deusto, Basque Country University.

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