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Third and last meeting of the Talentia Network

The third and last meeting of the Talentia Network promoted by bizkaia:talent will take place next Wednesday, 21st January, at 19.00, at Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktory (BBF).

The Talentia Network was established in 2013 as a link between the participants in the Talentia programme and Talent Pro Bizkaia. Likewise, this initiative intends to engage all the participants in the social, economic, cultural and general development of the society of Bizkaia and, therefore, of the Basque Country. Thus, it is a platform in which the participants from both the Talentia programme and Talent Pro Bizkaia may provide their ideas to change the Bizkaia of the future.

Two meetings have been held so far with a total of 68 participants, who have worked in groups on the following subjects:

Subject 1:

–          Talent mobility.

Subject 2:

–          Nature, the environment and sustainability.

Subject 3:

–          Smart cities.

Subject 4:

–          Education and values.

At this third meeting, the participants in the Talentia Network, divided in seven groups, will briefly outline the proposals on which they have been working over the last months with the help of the coaches Asier Alea, Alfonso Martinez Cearra and Paco Garmendia and with the contribution of Ivan Jimenez, the managing director of bizkaia:talent.

The proposals will be assessed by experts in the field who will evaluate them and award prizes according to the criteria of the Talentia Network. The most outstanding proposal will be awarded 3,000 Euros.

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