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Webinar about Social Security, with the aim of spreading awareness on the functioning of this public institution and informing the participants about other matters such as contributions, pensions, unemployment, teleworking etc. For this purpose, both Mr Alberto Tellería Moreno, Administration Manager of the Social Security Treasury of Bizkaia (TGSS), and Mr Guillermo Rosete Fuentes, Provincial Assistant Manager for Pensioners at the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) were both invited to the event.

The above-mentioned public organizations, the INSS and the TGSS, both affiliated to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, are thus empowered within the management structure of the Social Security:

  • INSS: manages and administers the financial contributions of the Social Security system, with the exception of those which are attributed to IMSERSO (The Spanish Institute of Migration and Social Science) or to the competent services of the Autonomous Communities. It also officially recognises the right to healthcare, independently of whether the applicable legislation is of a national or international nature.
  • TGSS: manages and processes the inscription of companies; affiliation, worker registrations and cancellations, the management, control and collection of contributions and other sources of finance of the Social Security System etc.

Below is a summary of some of the keys taken from the session:

  1. Basic principle: contributions must be made in the country where the worker is operating.
  2. Teleworking: the worker must work in the country in which he is contributing.
  3. Relocated worker: if your company sends you to work in another country, the Social Security of the country in question must be notified of this. Three different scenarios are envisaged for this situation:
    • European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA)/Switzerland: no particular procedure required, simply inform the Spanish Social Security within a maximum of two years.
    • 25 countries with which there exists a bilateral agreement with Spain.
    • Countries with which there is no agreement with Spain.
  4. Brexit: workers who relocated before the 1st January 2021 are in exactly the same situation as pre-Brexit, after the signing of the 15 year agreement with the European Union.
  5. Pensions: these are paid by the country in which the worker makes his final contribution or by the country in which s/he resides. Countries inform each other (see the three scenarios mentioned above) and a “pro rata temporis” clause is applied together with the laws applicable in each country.
  6. Registration in the Social Security: when a person starts working his registration is processed automatically enabling the worker to take advantage of the services on offer. In the case of beneficiaries, spouses/children, an application should be made to the INSS.
  7. Consultating the TGSS: consultations may be made by means of CASIA (Service of Attention to the Authorised Party).

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Webinar: Social Security

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