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The Basque tax and finance system has its own characteristics and peculiarities. The charging, management, settlement, inspection, review and collection of the taxes which are the responsibility of the Provincial Councils, and therefore of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, contribute to financing the expenses of the State responsibility for which has not been transferred through contributions.

Both in the Basque Country and in the rest of Spain, people have a tax identification number (N.I.F.) that they use for dealings with the tax authorities. For those without Spanish Nationality, this number is the same as their foreigners identification number (N.I.E.).

Taxes are classified into direct, indirect and local.


Direct taxes apply to capital and income. Examples include income tax (I.R.P.F.) and non-residents income tax (I.R.N.R.).


Indirect taxes apply to the consumption of goods and services. An example is Value Added Tax (I.V.A.).


Local taxes, such as personal property tax (I.B.I.) or the tax on economic activities (I.A.E.), among others, are the responsibility of the councils.

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