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Bilbao is the city with the best public transport in the whole of the Spanish state

The Users and Consumers Organization (OCU) has awarded the capital of Bizkaia’s public transport system as the best of the 21 cities reviewed in [...]
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Basque coast, the Mecca of surfing in Europe

The Basque Country, with an unrivalled coastline 200km in length, is an important surfing hub and a European and global centre of surfing [...]
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The Basque Country and its enviable weather

With regard to climate, the Basque Country is not a homogeneous area. According to climate characteristics, it could be divided into three zones: [...]
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parlamento vasco

Administrative organisation in the Basque Country

The Statute of Basque Autonomy or Statute of Gernika, passed on 18 December 1979, is the basic institutional document that grants the Basque [...]
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The Guggenheim Bilbao, “the most beautiful museum in the world”

Bilbao has become a reference city, a meeting point, a business hub, and a destination for leisure travellers from the country and beyond. All [...]
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The Euskalduna Conference Centre: Basque Country landmarks

Contained in a comprehensive plan to revitalise Bilbao and the surrounding area in the cultural, economic, social and urban spheres, [...]
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One of the goals of Bizkaia Talentt is to guide highly qualified people who have concerns about their career. To view all the possibilities our [...]
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Basque Country guide

The aim of this guide is to make easier the search for practical information for the highly qualified professionals (researchers, technologists, [...]
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Leisure and entertainment

Travel and tourism  Throughout Bizkaia there are many spots where the green mountains and the blue ocean come together. Peaks for mountaineers, [...]
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Where to live in Bizkaia

Bizkaia is a land of contrasts (land and sea, coast and hinterland). The Historical Territory offers lots of towns, villages and developments to [...]
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