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Competitividad económica

Basque Country: Setting the example in economic competitiveness

Competitiveness has had a positive evolution over the past decades in the Basque Country. The social and economic situation our country has been [...]
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Basque innovation system: an example to follow

For a welfare state to work financially, you need an attractive, competitive economy with high employment rates and sound taxes and social [...]
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Technology centres at the service of innovation

The Basque Country has an important network of technology centres that carry out research aimed at providing the industrial sector with valuable [...]
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Research excellence in strategic fields

Among the agents that are part of the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation (RVCTI) the most remarkable are the Basque Research [...]
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Technological cooperation at the service of business competitiveness

The Basque Country has a powerful network of centres for cooperative research, aimed at creating knowledge to be transferred to Basque companies, [...]
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Bizkaia, where the leading Basque companies are based

The world’s leading wind energy company, a 150-year-old bank and one of the main retailers in Spain are based in Bizkaia. [...]
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Bilbao, business and trade meeting point

Industrial, economic and financial dynamism in Bilbao has firmly placed the town and its surroundings on the business travel map. The capital of [...]
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Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, a driving force of the economy in the Historical Territory

Almost 100,000 people  work in the Spanish state. About 15,000 of them do so in Basque technology parks. The success model of these centres [...]
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Bilbao, from industrial hub to city of culture and services

Cities change; they transform themselves, evolve. Bilbao is a fine example of this, the epitome of urban evolution. Born from ashes in every [...]
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Basque companies are committed to quality and the environment

Basque companies are keenly aware of their responsibility to improve quality and reduce the environmental impact of their activity. The figures [...]
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